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Delta Force | Ranger | Green Beret | Entrepreneur

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Sergeant Major (ret) John “Shrek” McPhee AKA “The Sheriff of Baghdad,” spent 20 years in the Army’s Special Operations community, from Ranger Battalion to Group to Delta Force.


He is one of the handful of operators to have served in multiple theaters from Bosnia and South America to Iraq and Afghanistan. John’s one of a smaller group of operators to successfully execute raids in combat by himself during hundreds of solo operations.


After leaving the military, John created SOB Tactical that helps people, law enforcement, and special operators improve shooting skills and security.


He also hosts a channel called Booze N Views that talks about current events and new whiskey!


John brings me to tears with laughter in this episode, which is just a byproduct of John’s sense of humor and way of life.


I hope that like me, your jaw hurts from laughing by the end of this interview. Enjoy.

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