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Delta Force | Ranger | Musician | Silence and Light | Warrior’s Heart

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Today we hear the Combat Story of Brad Thomas, a former Ranger and Delta Force operator who fought in multiple theaters from Somalia to Bosina to Iraq and Afghanistan, including 12 years at the Unit in the pre- and post-9/11 era.


Brad gave up a promising musical career to serve, first with Ranger Battalion and then finding his way into Delta Force. His first combat experience was in Mogadishu in what we know as Black Hawk Down as part of 3rd Ranger Battalion in a true baptism by fire.


Since leaving the military, Brad returned to his passion: music. He gathered a group of veterans who now make up the band “Silence and Light” and saw far more success than they expected on their debut album and are releasing their second album in the near future.


Since Brad can’t help but go all in on everything he does, he and the band donate their profits to two veteran-focused charities: Marine Raider Foundation and Warriors Heart.


It’s not often you get to sit down and hear directly from someone who spent years at the Tier 1 level and survived Mogadishu so I hope you enjoy this Combat Story and brief glimpse into that world as much as I did.

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