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Today we hear our first Combat Story from a Top Gun and F/A-18 Hornet pilot turned successful options trader Matthew Whiz Buckley. 

Whiz found himself flying 44 combat sorties over Iraq and was scrambled just days after 9/11 to intercept a potential threat over the US where he was authorized to go supersonic at just 1,000 feet with a full weapons load (unheard of in the US)!


As with all aviators, we dig into the Call Sign and Whiz is a great one! Despite the highs of flying jets across the world and graduating from Top Gun, Whiz also lost 16 fellow fighter pilots to accidents and suicide, after losing a sister at a very young age that stuck with him for decades. 


As a result, he created the Top Gun Foundation to help keep veterans alive and found his way to plant based medicines and psychedelics with other veterans like Marcus Luttrell (aka “Lone Survivor”), which we spend some time on during this episode. Whiz has had tremendous success in his post-military career in the options trading world and continues to train everyday people how to make a living doing the same with Top Gun Options. In fact, his success is what made his foundation possible.


This was a special episode for me personally where we really dig into the experience inside the cockpit and nerd out on all things aviation (like landing on a carrier at night) and the learnings Whiz was fortunate to take from Top Gun and how we can all apply those. 

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did!

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