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Today we hear the Combat Story of a long-time Night Stalker from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), Steve Lapping. Steve participated in multiple high profile operations that many of us have heard of like the Jessica Lynch rescue and the Saddam Hussein capture, and many operations we have not like Objectives REINDEER and LEADVILLE.


This was a special interview for me as you can imagine given Steve’s storied background as an elite pilot, spending over two decades in 160th. We also touch on some of the heartbreak that comes with years in the cockpit with accidents, shootdowns, and crashes, including the feeling in SOAR following Operation GOTHIC SERPENT (aka Blackhawk Down).


Steve is one of the most humble individuals you’re going to encounter. In fact, I had to dig to figure out that Steve was a CW5, which is a very difficult rank to reach, and to learn about his awards and decorations in combat.


I hope you enjoy this Combat Story from inside one of the most lethal cockpits from such a humble warrior as much as I did.

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