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Special Forces | Green Beret Foundation Board Member | Wounded By War | MIT/Harvard

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This is the Combat Story of Kevin Flike, a retired Army Green Beret, motivational speaker, board member, and inspiration.

Kevin deployed mutliple times as a Special Forces 18C (Engineer), including two deployments to Afghanistan. His lifelong dream was to become a Green Beret, which he was fortunate enough to acheive. This dream, however, put him in harm's way many times, as we discuss in this episode.


He had several near death experiences, but the one that brought him closest to death was being shot by a Taliban sniper in the abdomen that left him with 40 inches of scars, took 20% of his colon, and forced him down a road of addiction and recovery that many can relate to. 


After having his dream taken away, Kevin honed his efforts and went on to earn degrees from MIT and Harvard (I love reminding my kids that this is possible!), found a career in investment banking, has become a sought after motivational speaker, and hosts a blog called Wounded by War that shares his thoughts on his recovery and what he's doing now to help inspire others. He also sits on the Board of Directors at the Green Beret Foundation.


While in combat, Kevin served alongside Ben Wise, who many will recall from our interview with Beau Wise. Kevin and Beau have become like brothers as they both lost Ben too soon.


I hope you enjoy Kevin’s story of living his dream, seeing it taken away, only to come back stronger and more determined than ever.

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