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Ethical Decisions During the Surge | Special Forces and Infantryman | 7th Group / 1st ID | Dan Pace

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Today’s Combat Story goes deep into the career and combat experiences of former infantryman turned Cavalry officer turned Special Forces Green Beret, Dan Pace. Dan retired after over two decades of service in the military, seeing combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan on both the enlisted and officer sides of the house.


He recently wrote a book title It Was What It Was: A Tale of the 1st Infantry Division in Iraq (2006-2008) where he details his experiences, particularly those with 1st ID in Iraq during a pivotal moment in the war. In this episode we dive into the transition from enlisted to officer and conventional to SF, some of the tougher moments in combat and how perspective may change from that of a soldier to an officer. 


General Petreus, who was, of course, instrumental in orchestrating the military’s strategy during that time said the following about the book: "...the timeless tale of a young leader and his soldiers on the ground seeking to find meaning and purpose in the gritty, visceral reality of war at the small unit level."


With that, I hope you enjoy this wide ranging conversation with retired Special Forces officer, Dan Pace.

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