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Marine Corps NCO & Officer| Force Recon | Delta Force | Scout Sniper | Zen Commando

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This is the Combat Story of Todd Opalski, a retired Marine (NCO and Officer), Scout Sniper, Force Recon Operator, Delta Operator, Special Operations Commander, and entrepreneur.


After 26 years in the military, he lived the startup experience in Silicon Valley before standing up Camp Zen Commando, a Costa Rican retreat to help people optimize their lives and be prepared for the uncertainties of tomorrow.

If you love the Marine Corps or The Citadel, you will LOVE our interview with Todd. In fact, the Marine Corps might just play this on a loop for potential recruits because Todd makes it hard not to want to sign-up.

Todd shares lessons that can be applied to young and seasoned officers, new recruits enlisting today, and civilian leaders trying to break through. He has an infectious positivity that makes you envious of his outlook on life.

He truly was part of the elite Tier 1 units, successfully completed Marine Force Recon selection TWICE, loved Ranger School so much he said he would do it again, crossed the berm into Iraq, fought in Fallujah II, and then thrived in the special ops community for years in the post-9/11 era.

Todd is a true professional, leader, and inspiration. He continues to shape and mentor people - both military and civilians - at Camp Zen Commando in Costa Rica. 

Todd's accomplishments include:

  • Zen Commando. Founder

  • Cardash. Director of Operations

  • Facebook. Intel Analyst

  • Battle Ready Concepts. Founder

  • U.S. Special Missions Unit (SMU). Operations Officer, Assault Commander, Recce Commander

  • USMC Force Reconnaissance

  • Ranger School (Honor Grad)

  • SF Freefall Jump Master

  • Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike

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